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Assort”mint” bags

Assort "mint" bags


“OOMPY” pick:  Assort”mint” bags

Inspired by: Beneath My Heart

What a fun way to show your favorite teacher how much he/she is appreciated during Teacher Appreciation week.  Who wouldn’t love an assort “mint” of mint candies…right!?


  • 12 oz bag Mint Patties
  • 6 packages Double mint gum
  • 13 oz bag Lifesavers “Wint-O-Green” mints (individually wrapped)
  • 6 pkg Mint 3 Musketeers (fun size)
  • 8.5oz bag Andes mints
  • 6 Clear plastic treat bags
  • Ribbon

Assort "mint" candies


  1. Fill the bag with goodies
  2. Tie with ribbon

Quick notes

I found all the candy and bags at Wal-Mart for $10 and the bows (6 pre-curled/3 in each package for $2 at the Dollar Store.  Total cost for 6 bags was only $12…only $2 per bag…AWESOME!!

Here is a cute poem to attach to the bags:

Thanks for your commit-“mint”to help me learn.

Thanks for your encourage-“mint” to always do my best.

Thanks for your involve-“mint” in my life.

Thanks for your invest-“mint” of time and energy to make school such a great place  to be

Thanks for making each day an enjoy-“mint”.

Thanks for helping to create a nice environ-“mint” for me to learn and grow.

Everything you have done this year has really “mint” a lot to me!!!

Here are 6 printable cards…

Assort “mint” bag poem

A “BIG” Thank you to all of you teachers out there!!  You are very much appreciated for everything you do!!


P.S. You could also use this idea as a Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day Assort “mint” bag poem